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Good manners indicate behavior that is considered to be polite in a particular society or culture. The term “manners” also means the same thing. It applies to the code of conduct of an individual. Sometimes, in a different context, “manners” means the habit and customs of a particular group of people. For example, we can say that the hilly people of our country have their own morals and manners. 

In case of an individual we judge his manners by the standard of manners of his social group. His manners, or good manners denote the kind of conduct which is pleasing to everyone of that social group. It means he does not hurt anybody, or offend anybody by his behaviour. 

His code of conduct conforms to the norms of courtesy and etiquette prescribed by the society. Manners are also related to the kind of faith or religion that a person belongs to. In the same social matrix, individuals may be different in their faith. 

In that case, one man’s manners may differ from another’s if they have different kinds of faith. A man of good manners gets on smoothly with everybody. He has fewer problems than one who has bad manners. Bad manners hurt people, and may create various problems. A man of good manners is loved by all, but a man of bad manners is disliked or hated by all. 


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