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Patriotism means love for one’s country and willingness to defend it from foreign attack. It is an inherent instinct in a human being. It is one of the noble virtues of man. A Muslim regards patriotism as an article of his faith. 

A patriot loves his country from the core of his heart. He loves it so much that he is ready to sacrifice his every drop of blood for it. He wants the welfare of his country, and so he works day and night for it. But we should be aware of true patriotism and false patriotism. False patriotism impels a man to show his love for his country. 

Again, we should also dissuade ourselves from narrow patriotism. Narrow patriotism means hating other nations and showing a hateful attitude towards them. Hitler was one who had this. A totally unpatriotic man is a vile creature. Walter Scott, a great English poet, has said about an unpatriotic man: 

“(He) shall go down 

To the Vile dust, from whence he sprung, 

Unwept, unhonoured and unsung”, 

So everybody should love his country. 


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