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The term ‘Email’ is an abbreviation for the words “Electronic mail”. An e-mail system enables us to exchange messages and other data with others using computers in a network. It allows computer users to, send texts, graphics, and sometimes graphics and animated images, to other users. 

The e-mail has developed as a result of the mass provision of e-mail addresses for private individuals by Internet service providers. It has now become a system to supplement or replace communication by letters. Its advantages are obvious. It is informal and we can communicate to our most intimate friends and relatives on an informal basis. Messages can be sent to many people simply by the click of a button within a second. 

We can attach a file, and send an e-mail message very easily. It is relatively cheap. Communication through media is usually costlier than e-mail. The time-zone of email is friendly. That means it has no national or international barrier in time-zone. The other advantage of email is that it can be prioritised. We can decide which email to read first when we open our email. Though it has some disadvantages, its advantages far outweigh them. Its introduction has revolutionized communication in the modern world. 


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