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Education is the backbone of a nation. A teacher performs the basic function of educating a nation. So, a good teacher is inevitable. The latent talent of a student cannot flourish without the proper guidance of a teacher. A teacher must be a model for the students. A teacher should acquire such qualities as can be followed by the students in their practical lives. A teacher must have adequate knowledge in the relevant subject. He must be studious and he must make the students studious. 

A teacher must be punctual and economical in every respect. A good teacher must do the right things in right time. He should have a clear and attractive voice. He must take care of all the students of a class. Sometimes, the teacher must play the role of an actor. In a classroom, a teacher has to act using his head, hands, face and limbs to make the meaning clear. 

A good teacher must be able to hold the attention of all the students of the class. A good teacher must make the class interesting and his class must be suited to the demands of the students. A teacher must be able to tackle any situation in the classroom. There is a saying that teachers are born, not made. Despite this, proper training can make a good teacher. 


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