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Modem surgery has developed almost incredibly. The developments are numerous and wonderful. Now damaged blood-vessels can be replaced with the simulated ones of plastic. Damaged heart valves can be replaced with plastic substitutes. Tissues such as the lens of the eye can be transplanted by surgery. To clean the blood of poisons, artificial kidney has been invented. During very long operations patients can be kept alive by the newly developed heart and lung machines. In the area of organ transplants, modern surgery has achieved revolution. 

Until a few years ago no person was able to accept the tissues of another person. He usually reacted against them (another person’s tissues) and he was eventually killed by them. Recently it has been discovered that it is possible to graft tissues from one person to another with the use of x-rays and special drugs. Heart and hung transplants, though not yet possible for humans, have been reasonably successful in animals. Human heart, of course, can be safely opened and its valves can be repaired. Modern surgery has made many impossible things possible. 


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