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The students of Bangladesh have always participated in important - national affairs. They played an active and valiant role in the Liberation -war. In the present condition of Bangladesh as a developing country, they have still a good many things to do. For example, they can do a lot towards removing illiteracy from Bangladesh. 

During long vacations or holidays they can go to their own homes, and form a committee with some benevolent and social service people of the area, and can open temporary night schools for adult and old illiterate people. Within two weeks of their vacation they can teach a lot of such illiterate people and give them knowledge of the three R’s. 

They can also give their hands in the reconstruction of damaged roads. By working together, a dozen of students, with the help and cooperation of some like-minded people, can repair the damaged roads and bridges of their areas. They can also help those people who have no means of earning money, no land to cultivate, no business to run. Students can form a society and raise fund and help such a helpless man to set up some business and provide him with some source of income. They can do some other social work which their respective areas may need.


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