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Learning pronunciation for a foreign language learner is a Laborious task. The teacher should realise that forming the correct habit of pronunciation from the beginning can save many hours of remedial work later on. If bad habits are formed carly it would be very difficult to change them later on. The teacher should therefore take some necessary steps from the beginning. He should convince students of the importance of pronunciation. He should emphasize that failure to pronounce correctly can result in not being understood. He may also point out that poor pronunciation can be unpleasant or comical to the native speaker listening to it. 

To teach correct pronunciation he should give listening practice. It should be ensured that students hear the correct sounds of the target language otherwise they will not be able to make them. At this stage students should attempt to produce the sounds, and the teacher should encourage them whenever they are found wrong. Thereafter, constant practice in listening discrimination, pronunciation, and intonation can go far in forming good habits of correct pronunciation. Of course, a variety of drills and exercises should be used by the teacher. Learning pronunciation for the foreign language learners involves such activities on the part of students and teachers. 


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