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The gifts of science are immense. It would be ungrateful not to recognise the boons which science has given to mankind. It has brought benefits and advantages to the common man which were unthinkable several decades ago. These benefits and advantages were only the privilege of the few rich people some time in the past. It has shown how malnutrition, hunger and disease can be overcome. 

It has increased the average longevity of mankind. Not only has it heightened life, but also has it deepened its quality. In the past, fields of knowledge, recreation and experience were open only to a few. But they have been thrown open to the millions of ordinary people. In the field of medicine science has relieved human sufferings to a large extent. Modern cities or towns enjoy the gifts of science to a maximum degree. 

A modern town is planned scientifically. Communication and sanitation are directed by science. Rural people are also benefited by science. Formerly village people used to move in bullock carts from place to place. 

But now motor vehicles are available even in distant villages. In the field of education its contribution is enormous. Thousands of books and magazines and newspapers are easily available every day. The gifts of science are too numerous to mention. 


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