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Analysis refers to the moment of insight into a story's plot when a character, usually the protagonist, moves from ignorance to awareness. A moment of analysis can be an awareness of a character's self, their situation, or something about another character. As a literary instrument, analysis is often used as a plot turning point in a story or play that leads to a solution

Ananolysis is a literary device often used in tragedy. However, analysis can also be a source of humor for the audience and can have a comedic effect. For example, in the animated short Wallace and Gromit, there is a clever moment of analysis.

Wrong pants. In the film, Wallace takes in Penguin as a pensioner to earn extra income. Meanwhile, there is news that a wanted criminal, a character disguised as a chicken named Feathers McGraw, is breaking in and breaking in. Gromit runs into Feathers McGraw but realizes the culprit is actually a penguin when the "chicken" takes off his "hat". Gromit's analysis of Penguin's true identity is a humorous moment for audiences who are always aware of Penguin's criminal alternate egos.

*Aristotle and Anagnorisis

Aristotle first discusses analysis, the Greek word for "perception," in his Poetics, in which he examines dramatic and literary theories. Aristotle defined analysis as the change from ignorance to knowledge in a literary work, "creating love or hatred among individuals condemned by the poet of misfortune or happiness". Occurs in and usually reverses the hero's luck.

Anagnorisis was a frequent and important element in classical Greek tragedy, creating moments of insight and enlightenment about the dramatic situations in which the protagonist finds himself, another person, or his character. At this moment, the action can achieve the desired resolution for the spectator.

According to Aristotle, Anagnorisis is an important literary tool in terms of its influence on tragic works. The analysis supports complex narratives and characterizations. This creates a more meaningful experience for audiences and readers when the plot is unraveled. 


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