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There are three female characters in the tragedy, Othello by William Shakespeare. They are Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca. They have some similarities and dissimilarities among them. Now we shall look at the female characters in the tragedy. Let us have a view of Desdemona at first. She is the beautiful heroine of this play, Othello. She is an embodiment of virtue, purity, gentleness, sympathy and kind-heartedness. She is, indeed, far from perfectnes. She is not without faults. But she wins the profound admiration and deep sympathy of the readers.

Desdemona is the only daughter of Brabantio, a senator. She is young, tender of age, never bold, and extremely shy. Here Desdemona symbolizes Goodness. She falls in love with a man named Othello older than herself. She is extremely modest. Simplicity and innocence are the keynotes of Desdemona's character. In her love, in her life, and in her death, she displays the simplicity and innocence of her character. There is no doubt that Desdemona is perfectly chaste and faithful to her husband. She really loves her husband. She is pure as an angel. She is pure not only physically but also mentally. Emilia is an important female character in the tragedy, Othello. She plays a vital role in the development of the plot of the tragedy. Emilia is the wife of the logo and a companion to Desdemona. She obviously serves as a foil character to Desdemona. She is a worldly woman having adequate knowledge of human beings and their nature. She is perfectly realistic. Her analysis of the jealous mind is realistic too. Her argument may be on the side of bad morality but its logic or consistency is undeniable. Emilia nowhere shows any sign of having a bad heart. But she is common, sometimes vulgar in minor matters, and quite devoid of imagination. There is no doubt that Emilia is loyal and devoted to Desdemona. Her role is undoubtedly remarkable. She helps to develop the plot of the tragedy. Bianca is another female character in the play, Othello. She is a prostitute by profession. She is different from other women. She is really and genuinely in love with Cassio. The main point of interest in her character is that she is an exception to the class of the woman called courtesans or public women who are proverbially and professionally easy mortals. She is passionately attached to Cassio though he is at best indifferent to her. He has no love for her. She is rather shocked and surprised when it is suggested that he might marry her. However, we find Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca in this tragedy, Othello. They are undoubtedly the wonderful creations of William Shakespeare. But unfortunately, they are almost inactive and passive in their respective roles to play here. Desdemona dies like a fly in the hand of a child. Emilia is almost a puppet in the hand of Iago. Similarly, Bianca is ready to do anything for Cassio. Yet they contribute a lot to the development of the play.


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