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Much has been said about presidential and parliamentary systems of government. Yet, both types of government: are prevailing in this modern world and no type of government is free from faults, In a presidential system of government, power lies mainly in the hand of a single person. Conversely, in a parliamentary form of government, many people share power. 

In a presidential system, the country is run by the will of a single person. In the parliamentary system, a number of persons take part in running the government. In a parliamentary or democratic form of government, public opinion is wholly reflected. On the other hand, in a presidential system, the will of a single person is reflected. In a parliamentary system, if most of the people are illiterate and ignorant of their duties and rights, an ideal government cannot be formed and the people can hardly be benefited. But in a presidential system of government, if the president alone is ideal, devoted and cautious, the citizens can get more facilities and thus they can establish their rights. 


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