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Ancient age and modern age are different in many respects. In the ancient age, science did not come into being and people were ignorant of many things. Some led a savage life and were very helpless. But with the passage of time, science and some knowledge flourished and men learnt many things. Men no longer remained savages and they started living in society. In the ancient age, men did not have any lack of wealth and they lived in plenty. 

However, in course of time, man’s demand increased and he started inventing new items for his fulfilment. The ancient people did not get many modern facilities; they led a very simple and easy life and there were less chaos and confusions among them. But the modern people have become busy, commercial and they are like “ignorant armies clashing by night’. In the modern age, science has bestowed on us many things. 

But at the same time, we cannot overlook the destruction caused by modern science. Science has protected many lives, yet, it has destroyed millions of lives. The ancient people believed in superstition but the modem people have become free from it. Every age has its own characteristics and the people have to survive with continuous efforts. 


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