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Once there was a wise noble man. He built a grand house. On the front of the gate he wrote. "This house is to be given to the first man who will be able to prove that he is contented." 

One day a stranger was passing through that way. He looked at the gate and saw the inscription. He knocked at the door of the gate and wanted to talk to the nobleman about the house. 

When the stranger met the noble man, he said, "I have come to have the possession of this house because I am contented." The nobleman asked, "How would you prove that you're a contended man?" "The hope of getting new things always makes me happy", said the stranger. The nobleman said in reply," 

He who is satisfied with what he has is a contended man. You are not contended because you are not satisfied with your present position. You've craze for getting more." Hearing this the stranger realised his greed and left the place shamefully. 


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