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There lived a man in a village. He had a great attraction to English and so he went to a teacher. The teacher began to teach him, but the man was dull-headed. His teacher tried his best to teach him English but the man could not understand the rules of grammar. The man grasped only three English words. He learned ‘yes’, 'no' and ‘very well’. But the man did not know their meaning. 

He came to his own village and told the villagers that he was well-versed in English. He used the three words while speaking with any man. If anybody asked him any question or discussed a thing with him, he would say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘very well’. One night, a theft took place in a house of the village and the police was informed of it. 

A police officer went to that place for investigation. He asked everybody if he knew anything about the theft. But the villagers told him that they did not know who did it and how. At last the police officer said to the man, "Do you know anything about the theft? I think you have done it." The man said, ‘Yes’. The police officer again inquired. “Have you any objection if we take you under the custody of the police?" 

He answered, ‘No’. Then the police officer said to him, “We will arrest you now”. The man proudly said, “Very well.” Thus he was arrested and put to jail. From the story noted above we learn the moral that the man with a little learning in English brought ruin on himself. He courted his own disaster.


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