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Once there lived two rats in a house. One day they stole a piece of bread from their neighbouring house. But the problem arose how to divide it because each of the rats wanted the larger part. When they failed to reach any conclusion, they went to a monkey who is considered to be the wisest of all the animals. They requested the monkey to divide  the bread equally. The monkey torn out the bread into two pieces and put them on scales. He told the rats that one piece was clearly heavier than the other. So, he ate up a bite of the bigger piece. 

As a result the other piece became heavier. Then the monkey took another bite from the heavier piece and put it on the scales. The monkey continued doing the same thing again and again until there remained only one piece of bread. Now, the rats told the monkey to return that piece to them. But the monkey said that he toiled much to divide the bread equally. So he wanted it as his fee. Saying so the monkey ate up that piece also. The rat left the place in a very sad mood but the incident made them wise also. 


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