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There was an old farmer. He had four sons. They always quarrelled among themselves. The old man was very anxious about their future. In order to teach them the value of unity, one day he called his sons together and told his youngest son to bring some sticks. The son brought some sticks. The old man asked him to bind the sticks together. The farmer asked his sons to break the bundle. 

They tried ene by one but none of them was successful. Then the old farmer told the sons to untie the bundle. When they did it, he asked them to break the sticks separately. They broke the sticks one by one very easily. 

The old man said, “My sons! If you remain united like the sticks and do not quarrel, nobody can harm you. On the other hand, if you quarrel among yourselves, you will lose strength and your enemies will easily do you harm. So live in peace.” The sons got the point and promised to follow their father's advice. ’


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