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The status of women today differs from that in the past in many respects. Today women have come out of the shackles of the past. Women were kept in strict confinement in the past. They were not allowed to come out of their houses. Even they were not given education beyond the three R’s, beyond certain age limit. They were only given the knowledge of tilwat of the Koran, in case of Muslims. Women of other religions were also kept in confinement within the house. 

They were not allowed to go to school beyond the age of 10 years. But now women are having all kinds of education in all branches of knowledge. In the past women were seldom found in jobs. And if someone was found in a job she was looked down upon by the society. But today women are entering all kinds of jobs including defence and police services. 

They are working as news correspondents and TV/radio reporters. In films, actresses were very rarely found, even a hundred years back. But women are all agog for film jobs now. No woman was found in politics perhaps a hundred years back. But now women politicians are profuse in number in almost every country. Household chores were performed only by women, but now-they are sharing them with their husbands. 

That is due to an uplift in their status. Women were usually suppressed much by their husbands and other male members of the family, but those days are over now. So the status of women of the past and of the present are far different. 


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