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Despotism and equality have some features which are similar. Despotism sees in the separation among men the surest guarantee of its continuance. It usually makes every effort to keep them separate. No vice of human heart is more acceptable to it than selfishness. A despot finds it all right with his people when they do not love him, but at the same time, do not love each other. He does not mind if they do not assist him in governing the state, nor aspire to govern it themselves. 

He regards those people as turbulent who strive for the welfare of the community. He regards those people as good citizens who have no sympathy for any people but themselves. Equality fosters the same vices as despotism. Equality places men side by side, without allowing any common tie or bond of relation or sympathy. 

As a result, people do not love each other when they feel that they are equal. Equality predisposes men not to consider their fellow creatures. It does not inspire people to undertake any venture which might bring about welfare for the fellow beings in the society. Despotism and equality have the same results in the last analysis.


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