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Free writing is a kind of sample writing on a topic. Many instructors ask students to do free writing on a selected topic. It gives learners an opportunity to brainstorm and write something on a topic. Learners are not expected to follow any organization in doing a free writing. They just write down their thoughts on a topic. After this free writing, teachers and students can work on organizing thoughts. 

Self-writing is writing for one’s self. It is a kind of writing practice that a learner can do to improve writing. It says that a learner sits on his or her chair, think about a topic and write on his own. There is no teacher before the learner, and there is no assessment of the writing. It can be called a free writing without the instruction of a teacher. Editing is not involved in this process. Students are not also over conscious about mistakes. Thus, they do their own writing without fear to see for themselves if their writing makes clear sense or not.


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