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Improving pronunciation is yery important for intelligible speaking. Learners can follow some simple steps to improve English pronunciation. 

First, listening is very useful in learning pronunciation. Learners need to listen to interaction in the target language as much as possible. Currently, television programs in English are available through satellite channels. Learners can easily watch movies and daily soap opera in English. While listening, it is important for the learners to pay attention to stress and intonation of the speakers. Listening to English conversation regularly may develop learners’ awareness of English pronunciation. ; 

Internet is another useful tool to improve pronunciation. Learners can use You Tube or other audiovisual sites to listen to native speakers of English. Learners can replay the same conversation or speech several times on the net. This will help them listen to the same sounds in the context repeatedly. They may also practice repeating after the speakers in the video or audio clips. Moreover, there are ESL websites specific to English pronunciation, such as Real Life Radio, American English Pronunciation (Seattle Learning Academy), All Ears English Podcast and English Pronunciation Podcast. These are helpful in understanding specific pronunciation features in English. Learners can use these in their free times to practise pronunciation. 

The next step learners should follow is to practising speaking regularly. Learners can use a mirror to check the position of the tongue while speaking. This will help them move the tongue in the appropriate way to pronounce English sounds. Drilling is also necessary. Individual learners can easily practise pronunciation with their peers or family members. Daily routines like these will help them master pronunciation in English. 

Finally, recording own voice is helpful in hearing own - pronunciation. This will help understand the mistakes learners are making. If recording is not possible, reading out loud can also be done to correct the pronunciation problems. Learners have to practise - hearing themselves either reading out loud or speaking loud to . themselves. 

Following these simple steps, learners can improve their pronunciation. They have to do these on a regular basis so that this becomes a habit.


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