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Fleeting mind, where are you flying? To the hills of restlessness, or to the dales of calm? To the depths of the oceans hitherto unexplored? Calm thyself, my greatest friend, or may I call you my most formidable foe, in times of unbridled emotional cataclysm? 

A focused mind is a calm mind, a mind which generates great power, enough to set the turbines of the hydroelectric plants into motion, a mind which brings forth the innumerable discoveries which bless mankind. 

Calm thee my friend, like a Zen master, a single ripple sending forth bursts of a sudden thought, to be eclipsed to oblivion by the calm mind. 

Restless mind, focus on your breath, the deep inspiration and expiration, till you become one with the breath; the state of mind called 'Satori', where time and tide stand still; the hours pass by into the deep fathomless void. 

The mind, the great tool possessed by humanity, you are not meant to be wasted on the millions of unwanted thoughts that wade through you, the quality of which, either makes life a beautiful paradise, or the abominable Hades akin to Dante's Hell. Why my friend, my great mind do you send people into the depths of despair, the uncontrolled negative repetitive thoughts creating hitherto unheard of terms like 'Depression', 'Anxiety', and 'Suicide'? Restless in mind, when you accept things for what they are, instead of trying to change the world to suit your liking, would you not embrace peace? 

Mind like a volcano, why do you not accept the uniqueness of every human being, how would the world look like, if clad in similar colors, with nothing to break the drab monotony. Mind like water, you go with the flow, creating paths where none exist, filling the vacuum which exists, accepting the beauty of every present moment, the beauty in unevenness, and the unevenness in every beautiful form. My mind, when you see reality for what it is, rather than project your hopes and aspirations into the present, do you not distort the nature of reality and the nature of your progress? Mind, when you calm yourself, all thoughts fade away; you bear no angst towards anyone, and neither do the worries of the past nor the fears of the future torment you. You release everything, till there is nothing left to be released; you and the body you occupy then become one. This state of mind achieved by years of meditative practice is what they refer to as enlightenment, where you do not seek approval from others, and do not have to prove anything to anyone; a state where everything becomes effortless, there is no more struggle or strain, just the calm realization of ones' self. 

A mind truly without fear, is a mind without expectation or ego, where you cherish every moment for what it is, enjoy every activity for what it is, and immerse yourself fully in the task at the moment-what the modern-day Psychologists call the 'Zone', .. where hours seem like minutes, and time just fades away without much ado... and you remain in the 'Divine Now.'


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