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Summary of the novel and the theme of the novel. So about the writer David Herbert Lawrence, You know that he was born in 1885 in England and his own experience growing up in a coal mining family. As we will see in Sons and Lovers also he was a modern writer. Lawrence had many affairs with women. So this was a small piece of information about the writer. Now, we will go about the poem the novel was published in 1913 and before publication, the title was Paul Morel. It is also an autobiographical novel, a coming-of-age novel, and buildings Romans also so let's go directly to the summary of the novel. 

This story starts with Mrs. Morel, Mrs. Morel falls in love with a man named Walter Morel but the basis of love between them was physical attraction and their relationship which is based on physical attraction does not go longer this happened between this husband and wife after a few days of marriage problem arises in their conjugal life. Mrs. Morel came to know that Mr. Morel belongs to a poor family and does not earn sufficient money. Even the furniture in their home was taken on loan. Walter Morel has no amount that he can pay for the furniture and Friends the physical attraction is also gone and between them, no thread can tie their relationship. Every day they quarreled over some petty issues and  Walter Morel used to go to the wine bar and return home drinking wine and whip Morel's friends the condition was worse and fighting and quarreling were a common event in their home and poverty was also there in the meantime. Mrs. Morel gives birth to one William Morel and the other to Annie Morel. Now Mrs. morel's attraction completely ended with his husband and totally shifted to his elder son William morel as he was a boy the whole concentration and caring falls on him. Whatever love and happiness were not gained from her husband. She expects those from his son William's friends the condition and situation were getting worse in the meantime. Mrs. Morel gets pregnant again but Mrs. Morel has no intention to bear this child as the things that Mr. Morel his husband drinks wine regularly and their financial condition was not so good so they thought not to accept their third child but it does not go according to Mrs. morals planning after all life goes its own flow not anybody's planning this time the third child was born and his name was Paul. Even after Paul morel's birth, their quarreling does not stop the same story repeats in this family day after day. Mr. Morel drinks every day and every day. One day Mr. Morel losses all his money in drinking and steals Mrs. morel's money from her hidden place. Where she kept it so in the relationship there were many loopholes in friends in this way time passes and passes and one day Walter become ill. But Mrs. Morel takes care of her husband and completely cures his ill friends after the hat trick Mrs. Morel bore another child and his name was Arthur Morel. the youngest child mid this is the eldest son.

William gets a job offer from London. He shifted to London but William dies there of skin disease. Mrs. Morel feels aghast hearing this bad news. As he was her favorite child and her sadness gets sparked when she came to know that Paul Morel has also a disease in pneumonia. Mrs. Morel becomes so afraid and engaged by day and night to look after his third child Paul. More land slowly Paul Morel heals getting his mother's care and love. Now Mrs. Morel's son Paul Morel turns an adolescent and becomes a young man. He had a love affair with Miriam Leivers, a farmer girl, a poor girl Mrs. Morel does not like the relationship as Miriam was a farmer's girl .. Miriam had a friend named Clara. Clara is a married woman but Clara's husband Baxter has left her without any divorce.

Clara meets Paul when Paul was young. Clara uses Paul to fulfill her sexual desires but in the meantime. Mrs. Morel falls ill her pain increases due to illness. Paul looks after her mother to relieve her excessive pain ball gives an overdose of a medicine named morphia is used to decrease the pain due to overdose. Paul's mother Mrs. Morel dies and she gets relieved from this pain forever and ever Friends, Paul becomes depressed and disappointed, frustrated by his mother's death, He goes to Miriam but Miriam does not accept him. Paul becomes so alone that Clara returned back to her husband Baxter Paul is lost in darkness At the end of the novel., He thought of suicide but he does not he is lost in uncertainty so this is how the novel ends.

So, next, we will discuss the theme of the novel is a psychological novel and there is some Oedipus complex. The theme mainly is based on Oedipus's complex Sigmund Freud's theory of sexuality and there is also a mutual love story. Mrs. Morel had a very possession and a good possession over her many sons but especially here. Paul Morel and Paul Morel love Miriam Leivers son the other hand Clara also loves Paul Morel and Paul also loves Clara, on the other hand, Baxter Dawes also loves Clara so this was a mutual love story and the diverse complex handles it's a very psychological novel.


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