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Othello is the hero in the tragedy,  Othello by William Shakespeare. He has spent his tife-time in the army camp. But he is a man of passionate love.

In the tragedy,  Othello appears As an over passionate man. His love for Desdemona is blind love. So he has eloped with Desdemona and finally married her. He loved Desdemona intensely and passionately but he fails to understand her true nature. He himself informs us that he is not wise in his love. He also knows that he is an aged lover and husband relation to the age and softness of Desdemona. This becomes more evident when lago begins to poison Othello's mind.  So he cannot bear anything against their love -

''But I do love thee! And when I love their not

Chaos is come again, "

As a matter of fact,  Othello is a passionate man.  Being so emotional,  he kills his beloved wife only on the basis of false proof by Iago. His passion brings about his tragic doom.


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