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Briefly contrast Roderigo and Iago

Roderigo and Iago are two significant characters in the tragedy,  Othello.  They are sharp contract to each other. Roderigo is dull. His brainlessness is in marked contract to the supper-subtlety and extraordinary intellectual force of Iago.

Roderigo is a gulled gentleman while Iago gulls others. He is foolish and weak-willed. So Iago makes him a tool in his plot against Cassio and Othello. Roderigo is so obtuse and credulous that he fails to understand the real motives and aims of Iago. He allows himself to be convinced by him. Iago satisfies him by advancing plausible reasons for his actions. Roderigo is moneyed and Iago is in need of his wealth and thrives at this expense. He takes gold and jewels from Roderigo as present for Desdemona,  but in reality they go into his own pockets. He makes the fool his purse.

It is,  no doubt,  immoral on the part of Roderigo to love a married women and try to seduce her. But he is not such a though villain as Iago. 

Roderigo and Iago


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