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Robert Bridges, .the poet-Laureate of the early twentieth century, has to his credit considerable poetical works. The Testament of Beauty, published in 1929, is his most celebrated work and immensely indicative of his mature poetic art. He himself has regarded it as the 'culmination of his  works as a poet'. 

The Testament of Beauty is a long philosophical poem, revealing much of Bridges’s spiritual and aesthetic views. This long poem is in four Books, and contains his lofty attitude to beauty. Beauty is taken here as the Supreme force of inspiration and guidance in life. The poem also traces man’s growth to perfect wisdom through this creed of beauty. Bridges’s range is quite broad here. 

The poem, of course, bears Bridges’s fine poetic art, although its unorthodox spalling, unnecessary digressions and technical lexity are definitely its deficiencies. Yet, the work exhibits the poet’s masterly command over imagery and versification as also the simplicity of his poetic diction. It contains some really grand passages. 

The Testament of Beauty is certainly a great poetical work of the present century. It even stands high among English philosophical poem, written on a grand scale. In the theme of beauty and the richness of technique, it stands out as a great specimen of modern lyrical poetry.   


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I want a poem brief analysis

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It's mind bloibut too short it should be long question and brief analysis

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