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Beckett's Waiting for Godot is rather an unconventional play,  in which the comic entertainment seems to have been padded well with the tragic sense. The theme of the play is the representation of the boredom as well as frustration of life,  rather modern life. It is all about the frustrated expectation of all that which never comes. The play may be well interpreted as a parable -  an anecdote that has a lesson. 

Got the principle element, that never comes,  symbolises what is a mystic, inexplicable,  unknown force of which man has no clear conception but for which he is ever aspirant. The emphasis is laid here on the pointlessness of existence. The two tramps,  Vladimir and Estragon,  are average men who wait all Through,  with their fond expectation for something to turn up to end their present wretchedness. But that never comes.  They simply wait, thereby making  their existence and hope quite meaningless, pointless, rather without any purpose or objective. 

This is definitely a theme of despair. It all reveals the utter frustration of human existence, the ultimate emptiness of human hopes and expectations. But there is an irony, inherent in the whole theme,  and this implies some deeper significance. The two tramps remain waiting for something to befall them to end their existing despair. But they continue to wait uselessly for Godot, their object of expectation, who never comes. 

Indeed, Waiting for Godot is no conventional comedy. It is rather a queer and ironical comedy of expectation and frustration,  so much true to the modern experience of life. The mimesis here,  if symbolically represented,  clearly reveals the new concept of the drama, the new interpretation of the comic spirit.

As a matter of fact,  Beckett's Waiting for Godot hinges on the boundary line of tragedy and comedy. It is,  perhaps, more appropriate to characterise it as a thought- provoking tragi-comedy. It arises from a quite homely yet diverting situation of modern life that never degenerates into dullness. As a result,  the comic spirit of Waiting for Godot is totally unconventional,  and this unconstitutional aspect of the play,  as an experimental drama, is the secret of the outstanding success of the experimental drama in the modern world. As a new play of a new age,  Waiting for Godot definitely stands out as a work of major significance in the modern English theatre, though its theme has neither action nor motion.                                                               


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