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Briefly discuss on Heart of Darkness

This is one of the popular novels of Joseph Conrad. Written in 1899, the work was published in 1902. This is a first person narrative. The narrator is Marlow who tells a story of this grim and thrilling experience to his four friends as they are waiting for the tide to turn on a ship in the Thames estuary.

The story depicts the narrator's experience in the dark heart of africa as the captain of a river-steamer.  Employed by European Trading Company,  Marlow had his experience in that almost inaccessible place.

The story also records the narrator's acquaintance with a man Kurtz. He is represented as greedy and cruel with immense popularity among the natives of the place.  Kurtz, of  course, died amid the haunting dreams of terror and Marlow returns to the civilized world to return the remnants of his articles to his women lover. 

The novel is mainly on the sea and the dim,  savage the world of the African natives. Conrad's presentation is quite interesting with his graphic,  though simple description and psychological study of the human nature from different angles.               


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