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Sense and sensibility Summary

One of jane austen s simplest novels the story deals with two sisters Elinor the heroine represents a woman of se. se, while marianne her foolish foil represents a woman of sensibility.

The shift from norland park to barton when the story opens Mr john dashwood the stepbrother of elinor and marianne has just inherited his father's estate and inspite of wishing to help his stepmother and sisters he cannot do so because his wishing to help his wife fanny is opposed to it  when fanny s brother edward Ferrars begins to show an interest in elinor fanny makes life miserable for elinor marianne and their mother they therefore occupy a cottage on his estate at barton. 

Elinor and marianne fall in love it is at barton that marianne rejects brandon a friend of sir john and instead falls in love with willoughby a youngman vising wealthy relatives on a neighbouring willoughby leaves without any definite promise to Marianne. Elinor herself  is attracted to edward ferrars, who comes for  a brief visit to the cottage but he does not seem to return the interest. 

Lucy steele and her sister arrive these two young ladies are invited by sir john to visit his  home and elinor is stunned when lucy reveals that she has been engaged to  edward ferrars for four years but had to wait for mrs ferrar s consent as edward had no money or occupation of his own. 

Elinor and marianne invited to London when in london to visit friends marianne writes to willoughby a couple of times but receives no reply she also finds him with another young lady at a party marianne is heartbroken when she receives a letter from willoughby stating that he has long been engaged to another girl. she is comforted by colonel brandon who is also in london. 

Colonel brandon reveals willoughby s true character Colonel brandon explain to elinor that willoughby was a rouge who had seduced and abandoned his ( brandon s ) ward the daughter of his brother s divorced wife marianne is distressed on learning of this from elinor and is kindly looked after by brandon who is love with her.

Edward loses his inheritance john dashwood his wife fanny and later lucy steele and her sister all arrive in london edward s mother learns of the engagement between edward and lucy and angrily disinherits him giving everything away to become a curate on his estate as edward is left with no means of support

Elinor and marianne visit cleveland on their way home to barton park from london elinor and marianne visit cleveland where marianne becomes ill with a heavy cold while colonel brandon goes to fetch her mother mrs dashwood willoughby visit hand apologises to elinor for having ill treated marianne as he and been disowned by his wealthy relative after his misbehaviour with colonel brandon s ward he had married a wealthy girl and renounced marianne 

Return to barton park  After marianne recovers from her illness they return home where elinor tells willoughby s story to marianne marianne sorrows for him but is on longer love with him. 

Edward marries Elinor edward appears at their cottage and tells elinor that the unscrupulous lucy had ditched him in favour of his brother robert who had inherited the family fortune he proposes to Elinor and Elinor consents to marry him. Edward is reconciled with his mother mrs ferrars and elinor and edward after their marriage move into the parsonage given by colonel brandon.

Colonel brandon marries marianne Colonel brandon continues to quietly woo marianne and they get married elinor and marianne are once again near each other in the same estate and mrs Dashwood is delighted at the good fortune of her children.


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