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'Supernaturalism' refers to some power above the normal forces of nature. It is, in fact,  some fascinating view,  not at all easily convincing or explicate.  Of course, supernaturalism is concerned with various elements and may be manifested in different ways particularly in imagination literary works. 

Supernaturalism forms, indeed, much of romantic literature. In the English romantic literature of the late eighteenth and the early nineteenth century, its predominance is undeniable,  In Keats and Coleridge,  the supernatural impact is patent distinctly. In fact, supernaturalism forms an essential machinery in Coleridge poetic craft.  Of course with Coleridge, this is quite delicate and permits suspension of disbelief for the time being. 

Supernaturalism,  however,  may appear rather grossly in some literary works such as the Gothic romance of the eighteenth century and true horror tales of the Romantic Age. In Walpole,  Mrs. Radcliffe and Mary Shelly this sort of crude supernaturalism is exhibited.                                                     


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