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Coverdale, a fellow worker of William Tyndale in the translation of the Holy Bible, was perhaps, born in 1488. He was a Protestant reformer and has remained famous as a translator of the Holy Bible.Coverdale was ordained as a priest in 1514. He became subsequently an Augustinian friar in Cambridge. But he grew interested in the reformation of the church and also was enthusiastic for the English rendering of the Latin Bible. Coverdale was responsible for the English version of the Psalms, preserved in The Book of Common Prayer. Using Tyndale's work, he published at Cologne in 1835 the first complete English Bible to be printed, and he was the editor of the Great Bible of 1539. He became Bishop of Exeter in 1552, but lost the bishopric in Mary's reign and left England to live in Germany and Switzerland.
Miles Coverdale
Miles Coverdale

His return to England in 1559 was not cordially greeted and he could not become a Bishop because of his Puritan leaning. He was made a DD of Cambridge in 1563. He became rector of St.Magnus at London Bridge and died in 1569.


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