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The Tempest by William Shakespeare is full of supernatural elements. But it is realistic at the core. Prospero's island is an enchanted island. And yet the play is essentially realistic. The realistic quality of the play finds expression in the manner in which the various characters have been portrayed.

In other words, Shakespeare's portrayal of the various persons in this play shows his realistic approach to his art of drama writing. Most of the events in the play are manipulated by Prospero through the use of his supernatural powers. But human nature in the play has been depicted in a perfectly realistic manner.

The mutual attraction of Ferdinand and Miranda, and their falling in love with each other, are perfectly true to life. In real life also we have the common situation of young people falling in love with each other at first sight. Then the villainy of Antonio and Sebastian is also true to life. both these men appear as unnatural brothers, and both are devoid of a conscience. Such villains are quite common in real life. ambition is something to be found in almost every human being, and everybody tries to attain his ambition by all kinds of methods, fair or foul. 

Then there is the case of Alonso who had committed a crime too and who now repents of it. There are certainly people in this world who commit misdeeds and subsequently repent of them. Even Prospero's forgiveness of his enemies is not something unbelievable. Here forgiveness is certainly unique, but it is not something impossible.

However, the different motives of the various persons in this play have convincingly been depicted. Miranda's pity for the passengers on the storm-attacked ship; Antonio inciting Sebastian to murder Alonso; the drunken Stephano agreeing to murder Prospero' Prospero's anxiety to secure a proper husband for Miranda; Alonso's remorse-all these have been depicted in such a manner that we feel no doubt at all about their genuineness.


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