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Renaissance is a French word which came from Latin "renasci". Renaissance means rebirth, revive or restore. In the history of English literature, renaissance means the revival of ancient Greek and Roman art and culture. It also means the restoration of classical learning, literature, and regulations. Renaissance first started in Italy in mid-fifteen century. There has a historical cause behind this renaissance. Constantinople was the centre of the art and culture till fourteenth century. It was the kingdom of scholars, teachers, artists and musicians. But, When, Constantinople was occupied by Ottoman, Scholars left Constantinople for Europe. Majority of then settled in Italy. They took with them classical Greek and Roman art and literature and started practicing them Which gradually became the centre of the people's interest. So, this restoration of ancient art and literature is called renaissance.
interesting facts about the renaissance

Gradually, it started to spread over the whole Europe.
The time span of renaissance in Europe is between 14th to 17th century. The main feature and philosophy of renaissance is humanity. For instance, Protagoras says "Man is the measure of all things." So, the interesting facts about the renaissance is that the renaissance brought revolution in philosophy, science, politics, and art and culture.
Renaissance brought revolutionary beauty in the field of architecture. The most beautiful paintings of the present world are the result of renaissance. Lionardo the Vinci, Michael Angelo, Raphael are the brightest example of renaissant fruits. The middle Age conveyed the spirit of renaissance. Niccolo Machiavelli, Petrarch, Dante, Boccaccio are the Renaissance masters. Though, Florence was the centre of renaissance,  it spread out over the world. The main features of renaissance are to uphold human dignity, Love for originality, revival of the classical rule and regulations, and love for arts and paintings. The interesting facts about the renaissance are that renaissance  scholars  rediscovered the style and philosophy of the ancient Greek and Roman masters. The traditions of Great Aristotle, Plato, Seneca, Virgil, Homar were the idols for the renaissance people. The Protestant Movement is also fruit of renaissance. The revival of Latin testament is another effect of renaissance. So, importance of renaissance is unlimited.The greatest English dramatist Shakespeare bore this spirit in his writing. In English literature  William Shakespeare , the great writer Christopher Marlowe, the famous poet and scholar
Edmund Spenser , Sir Thomas More , Francis Bacon , Sir Philip Sidney all were influenced by renaissance. As a result, the English literature became powerful literature in world's literature.

Of course,the renaissance in the literary world of Europe did not come suddenly and swiftly, A long preparation was there,The change from the order to the new came long after but distinctly marked a new literary Renaissance.
In England,the impact of the Renaissance came to be felt much later, And that was because of the geographical situation of the land.But, along with other European countries, the spirit of the Renaissance blossomed in England, perhaps slowly, but steady and perfectly,that development, however, was made quiet smooth and quick by the earnest efforts of some English scholars who had intimate contacts with Greek literature and learning and brought to England a new classical inspiration.

Of course, behind that classical inspiration, the impetus from the Revival of learning or more popularly called the New learning was colet was a theologian and classical scholar. He was an erudite academician who introduced reforms in the secondary education of the cathedral school of st.paul's.

John fisher, Bishop of Rochester, and Richard croke, a Greek Scholar and Reader of  Greek at Cambridge, had also their active support and role in the revival of learning on England.

Finally, there was Sir thomas more, a gifted scholar and humanist,with immense knowledge in Greek and Latin.He was the rare author of the number of latin works.besides, his well celebrated humanist work utopia.
Moreover,the renaissance English mind had a new source of knowledge and ideas.That was their contact with thrilling accounts about the strange and unknown lands beyond the unchartered sea.The result was the expansion of the English mind with the extensions of hitherto unknown ideas and imagination.


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