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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The english language and literature

The language is found to precede literature everywhere . It makes the latter . Yet , literature ,a formidable one in particular,cultivates , develops, Andren even sponsors a language and makes it a great one . In fact ,the language and literature are complementary to each other . A great literature comes out of a great language and vice versa . This story of the language and literature is applicable,in no less measure,to the English language as well as literature. However,both of them had a dim beginning . but an eminent rise . The language , orginerally spoken by the Germanic settlers in Britain,was Teutonic in character . It belonged to the Teutonic group of languages and descended from the Germanic tongue,rater from low German. That language came to be known. after the settlementzaes English ( anglix ),subsequently termed as English. But all that was the matter of the remote past . Those settlers from Germania,before their settlement in Britain,no doubt,had some sort of literature. that was unwritten and carried preserved by tradition . Earliest English literature,as any other literature,had its origin in poetry .That was unwritten and consisted mainly of songs and poems, rather heroic and stirring n character . prose literature in English came much later only after the invention of the science of writing . But both the language and literature in English developed gradually but firmly,of course in no plain and smooth manner . They had a very humble beginning in a far off,remote,hardly illumined by the light of civilization, land . But their stupendous march has taken them,to the height of excellence today . The English language is immensely opulent and a rightly claimant for the status of the international language . English literature,too,is rich and resourceful in immensity, variety and artistry. This,perhaps, enjoys maximum popularity and celebrity in the literary world, old or new.
english literature and language

In fact, thr present mighty edifice of English literature as of this language is no product of a magic lamp or wand .It is the total effect of diverse forces in operation in diverse phases.A steady and harmonious growth of different complex affairs , political , social and ecclesiastic all , has actually led to the tremendous greatness and popularity of the English language and literature .Of different materials, going to the making of it, this mighty of edifice of English language as well as literature, the following need to be particularly noted:

1. The Roman Conquest of Britain. 

2. The Conquest and Settlement of the Germanic tribes in Britain.

3. The Conversation of the English to Christianity.

4. The Scandinavian Invasion and Settlement in England .

5. The Norman Conquest .

6. The Revival of Learning.

7. The Civil War and the Restoration of Monarchy.

8. The Bloodless Revolution and the Growing Power of Parliament .

9. The Franch Revolution .

10. The Industrial Revolution.

11. The Expansion of the British Empire.

12. The Extensive Growth of Science ,Technology and Commerce.

13. The World Wars.

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