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William Shakespeare has occupied a lofty position for his extraordinary characterization. His characters are unforgettable. Mark Antony is such a character in the play, Julius Caesar. Here he is one of the important characters. 

Mark Antony has played a very important role for: the development of the play. He is a friend to Caesar. He has been a successful soldier. He appears first in the play when he is about to participate in the races connected with the celebration of the Lupercalia. From the fact that Antony is going to run a race. We learn that he is a sportsman. Apart from being a keen sportsman, he is fond of going to the theatre. He is also fond of listening to music. He is, in fact, a pleasure-loving man. The murder of Caesar comes as a great shock to Antony. He is a member of the triumvirate. As a member of the triumvirate, he shows himself to be an unscrupulous man. He proves himself to be a great leader of men, a powerful public speaker and a cunning politician. 

However, Antony ventures to prove Caesar to be an unambitious man to the mob. He is devoted to this great warrior. He does not support the heinous assassination of Caesar. But finally, Antony pays a very generous tribute to Brutus. He describes Brutus as the noblest Roman of them all.


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