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Once the house of a rich man was infested with rats. The house became like the town Hamelin. There were rats everywhere. They were having a good time. But all the members of the house were in great trouble. 

At last the owner of the house hit upon a plan and he brought a cat to kill the rats and thereby to get rid of the rats. The rats came to know the presence of the: cat in the house. Their lives were at stake. 

All the mice sat together in a conference. At last they took a decision that they would tie a bell in the neck of the cat so that they could know the approach of the cat. But a question came, "Who will bell the cat?” 

They raised a hue and cry over the matter because none of the rats agreed to tie a bell in the neck of the cat. They thought that the rat who would go to bell the approach of the cat would lose his life.Finally who would bell the cat remained unsettled. So the mice eventually migrated.


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