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One day a lion was sleeping in its cave. A mouse was playing nearby. While playing it by chance it ran over the lion's body. At this, the lion woke up and became very angry. With a terrible roar he caught the mouse and said, “You tiny creature, how dare you tease me? I will kill you.” 

The mouse began to tremble in fear and begged for its life. It also said, “Your Majesty, I am a little creature but I can help others. Please let me go, sooner or later, I may help you. Besides, if you kill me, it will bring no fame to you.” Hearing this, the lion burst into laughter and said, “O you! Are you suitable to help me?” However, he set the mouse free and told it to do its own Job. 

After some days, the lion fell into a hunter's trap. The lion tried his best to be free from the net but could not. He began to roar and said, “Save me please, save me please.” Listening this, the mouse came swiftly and found the lion in a trap. The mouse said,“ “Your Majesty, please don't worry and keep quiet. I will cut the net into pieces and thereby you will be able to come out." The mouse cut the net into pieces and the lion became free. 

Being free, the lion said, “You are small in size but worthy. You have saved my life and many thanks to you.” In fact, the strong or mighty someone is also dependent on the weak one. From then, the lion was kind hearted to the tiny creatures. From the story we learn that we should have fellow feelings among us and the rich should show kindness to the poor.


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