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The Tempest by William Shakespeare is one of the superb . and finest love comedies in English literature. The author seems to be the doctor of love. Love is the predominated theme of Shakespeare's comedies. The entire atmosphere is surcharged with love. Now let us try to comment on the love affair between Ferdinand and Miranda. 

The love story of Ferdinand and Miranda constitutes only an episode in the play though it is skillfully integrated with the main Story. With the help of Ariel, Prospero makes a plan for the first meeting between Ferdinand and Miranda. Ferdinand is astonished by the strange, supernatural song which has brought him here. He thinks Miranda as a goddess of this island. They both fall in love with each other at first sight. 

The meeting of Ferdinand and Miranda is a very interesting and beautiful instance of love at first sight. The gentle, dignified language of the two young people expresses Shakespeare’s keen awareness of their purity of soul, nobility and tender love. Act-III, Scene-I gives us a romantic love affair scene of Ferdinand and Miranda. Both Ferdinand and Miranda love each other so deeply. In the play The Tempest, the most romantic thing is the love episode between Ferdinand and Miranda. 

Next, we notice Ferdinand in front of Prospero’s cell. Prospero has made him captive and has employed him to carry logs of woods from the forest and to pile them together at a certain place. Miranda feels great sorrow to see Ferdinand’s work. She comes to help him. Her father Prospero sees them from a distance. She takes pity on him. She requests him not to work such type of work only for her. 

Ferdinand loves Miranda very deeply. The name of Miranda occupies a lofty position in his mind. Only, if Miranda agrees to marry him, he is prepared to make her the Queen of Naples. She says that she would either becomes his wife or not marry at all. In case he refuses to marry her, she would become his life-long servant. But Ferdinand assures her that she is his dearest mistress, and promises to become her husband. Miranda and Ferdinand play chess in the cell of Prospero. This is also a love scene.

However, here we find the love relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand. This love relationship is relevant to the main plot of, the play. It is very amusing and cheerful to us. In short, it adds a new dimension to the play. 


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