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Once there was an old king. He was averse to physical labour. As a result, he grew very fat and could not move from one place to another easily. He called on a doctor. The doctor was wery clever and wise. He could easily understand that the idleness of the king is the root cause of his obesity. 

The doctor gave him a club and told him to brandish it in the morning and the the evening for at least one hour each day. At the very beginning day, when the king started brandishing the club, he became very tired. Sweat came out of his body and he found the task very difficult. He had no way but to do that. The king continued doing the job for one month. 

After a month, he found himself fresh and healthy. His bulky body became normal and he looked very smart. After a month, the doctor called on the king in his palace. The king was very happy to see the doctor. The doctor told the king that physical labour is the best medicine to keep the body fit. The king understood the doctor's technique. He praised the doctor and thanked him for prescribing such a good medicine for him. He also rewarded him. 


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