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Ambition in itself is neither good nor evil. It is, therefore, a neutral entity. The motive and object of any particular ambition makes it good or bad. That is, if the object of an ambition is good then it is good. If the object and motive of an ambition is bad, then it is bad. For example, in Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth we find that Macbeth was ambitious in a bad way. 

His ambition urged him to commit one murder after another to achieve his purpose or objective of becoming the king of Scotland and remaining as a king. On the other hand, the ambition of king Arthur was good. He wanted to establish a kingdom founded on justice and mercy. Ambition 1s a powerful emotion or desire. 

It impels one man to fight and strive for. - his own glory. It impels another men to fight and strive for the good of his fellow men. It is like steam in a steam-engine. If the engine is on the right line, it will draw the vehicle to its destination. But if the engine gets on to the wrong line, it will drive the vehicle to its destruction. So, ambition is neither good nor bad in itself, but objective makes it so. 


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