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It was a hot day in summer. There was scorching heat of the sun. On that day a crow became very thirsty. It wanted to drink but there was no water around it. So, it began to fly and look for water. It flew on and on in search of water but in vain. All on a sudden, it found a jar in a field. So, it flew down near the jar. 

When it peeped into the jar, to its surprise it found a little water at the bottom of the jar. It tried heart and soul to reach the water level but failed. When it was about to leave the place being disappointed, a plan came to his mind. It found some pebbles scattered around the jar. It picked the pebbles one after another into the jar. 

As a result, the water level of the jar rose up. When the water came near its reach, it drank it and quenched its thirst and flew away. From the above story, we can clearly say that where tere is a will, there is a way. 


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