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Many students fail their exams at different levels—school, college, and university. There may be some causes which are beyond their control. But such causes are very few. Most of the causes lie with the students themselves. We can identify about eight principal causes. 

Firstly, the students who fail are not attentive to their studies. They do not take care of what their teachers are teaching, nor what portions of their books are being covered by their teachers. 

Secondly, they are not regular in class attendance. They do not give any importance to their classes. 

Thirdly, they lack concentration in their studies. They read little, and whatever they read, they do not give any attention to their lessons. 

Fourthly, they do not have perseverance. If they fail to understand lessons in their first attempt, they give up. They do not try again and again to understand them. 

The fifth cause is their lack of punctuality. Whatever little work such students do, they are not at all punctual. They work sporadically. 

Sixthly, they waste their valuable time in gossiping, merry-making and watching TV, or spending a long time in playing games themselves. 

Last but not the least, they lack motivation to do well as students. They do not want to learn anything. They allow themselves to be driven this way and that without any aim. Students should not indulge in such habits and attitudes if they want to be successful. 


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