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A mammal is a class of animals. All animals are not alike obviously. But some animals are alike in some respects. On the basis of their likeness all animals can be classified or divided into groupings. All mammals have one characteristic in common. No other animal possesses this characteristic. 

A mammal is the only animal whose females produce milk to feed their young. Actually, the word “mammal” comes from the Latin word “mamma” which means breast. Mammals have some other characteristics which most other animals do not have. They give birth to the young: they are warmblooded. They have a backbone and a well-developed brain. 

Their bodies are covered with hair. They breathe air. These characteristics _ may be found in some other classes of animals, but not all. There are many different kinds of mammals, of course, but all have these characteristics. Human beings are mammals. Some other mammals are lions, tigers, cows, dogs, kangaroos, gorillas, dolphins, armadillos, elephants and even bats. Mammals are fewer in kind than any other class. 


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