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Speaking in a foreign language in the classroom by students manifests some problems. Firstly, the tendency to use the mother tongue, for example, is such a problem. When learners of a foreign language class share the same mother tongue, they tend to use it because, it is easier for them to speak their mother tongue. 

Secondly, inhibition may be another problem. Pupils feel inhibited to speak the foreign language because they are worried about making mistakes, or fearful about criticism or losing face. Sometimes students are found to complain that they have nothing to say or that they do not find any idea to express. 

Thirdly, low or uneven participation by the students. It is often found in the classroom that shy or introverted students talk less than some other students. On the other hand, some students who have developed some amount of fluency seem to dominate. All these problems may be found in a speaking class of a foreign language. 


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