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Both a college and a university are performing the function of higher education. Yet, there are some differences between the two. Now, in Bangladesh, a college performs its function under the supervision of National University. Even it cannot implement its syllabus and curriculum freely. But a university enjoys full independence in this respect. A university can control itself but a college is controlled by others. A university gets more privileges than a college. 

The area of a university is vast and it runs its academic activities on a large scale. Conversely, a college is run in a very limited area. The universities have adequate teaching materials and sufficient skilled teachers. Because of qualified and well-versed teachers in a university, the teaching methods are better. A college has a scarcity of qualified teachers. In a university, the teachers enjoy some extra facilities. 

As a result, they can dedicate themselves more than the teachers of a college can do. In the fields of job, the certificates issued by the universities are given priority. In the colleges, the students suffer from some limitations. A university is a large idea, whereas a college is a limited idea. Both colleges and universities are imparting education, but in different dimensions. 


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