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The scenes of the sunrise and sunset are similar in many respects. Though they are different phenomena in nature, they have some features which are comparable. The sun-rise scene marks the beginning of the day. It means it occurs at an extremity of a day. The sun-set occurs at the end of a day. It also takes place at an extremity of a day. While rising on a clear moming, the sun looks red in the horizon. 

Even before it appears above the tree-line, the whole eastern - sky becomes tinged with a vermillion red colour. At sunset, the western horizon looks vermillion red. The tall trees in the horizon stand silhouetted against a red background, It assumes supreme artistic aspects. At sunset also the same appearance of nature takes place. In the sunrise scene, birds fly in flocks and cross the red coloured sky. They look wonderful against a red background. At sunset also, the flocks of birds fly across the horizon which looks red around the sun. There may be many other aspects of the scenes which are similar. 


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