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Post-method pedagogy means the teaching practices that are relevant to the teaching context. This pedagogy does not follow any specific method, and aims at the best learning outcome. The objective of post-method pedagogy is to achieve optimal learning by following practical teaching strategies. For example, teachers will understand the learners’ needs and plan classroom procedure based on that. 

The following are some major characteristics of - pedagogy. 

1) Teachers are independent in planning their lessons. They use their experiences fo design and use classroom activities. In the process, they focus on the immediate context of teaching. 

ii) Classroom strategies and materials are context-specific that address learners’ needs. For this, teachers do continuous analysis of learners’ needs and learning preferences. If any materials or teaching approach do not fit any contexts, teachers modify those immediately. 

iii) Learners take part in the learning process to become active and independent learners. Teachers engage them in choosing materials as well as giving feedback to each other. Students become responsible for their own learning. 

"The above characteristics are flexible. They could be modified based on the contextual needs. 


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