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Modern writers are often called modernist. The word ‘modernism’ is a convenient term for the ‘ism’ of the new age. It refers to the doctrines of 20th century literary ideas. Although 20th century began before 1940, there were no agreed principles for an artistic program. The old ways of literary criticism would not do anymore. There appears cultural changes in society, politics, technology, family relation and religious values. The values fostered by Christianity and liberal humanism gradually weakened Karl Mark, Freud and Nietzsche, the father of modern atheism were read. But these general factors do not point to the formulation of a new group of Writer. Modern art was influenced by Picaso and the poetry of Eliot became a historical level. These names are no longer modern but modernist. With these authors, modernism in English literature begins. 

However modernist literature turns out to be not very English and English literature turns out not to be very modernist. It was largely written by Exiles. “Exiles” is the name of a play by James Joyce who avoided England. When the Irish free state was created in 1921, James Joyce had been 39 years a British citizen. Yeats a British citizen of 57 became an Irish senator and Spent much of his time in England. Samuel Beckett is sometimes called the last modernist. He left Ireland in 1937 for Paris. In fact early 20th century English literature has been influenced by foreign artists. The traditional forms were thrown out and new literary experiments were made in the field Of poetry, drama and novel. 


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