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Malcolm is the eldest son of King Duncan. The distinguishing feature of his character is caution. As soon as his father’s murder is discovered in the early hours of the next morning, he seems immediately to suspect that the fate of his father may befall him as well. So he wisely decides to flee from the spot. He reveals himself as a shrewd politician in his decision to go to England to enlist the help of the English King for regaining his kingdom. Macbeth makes several efforts to entice him back to his country, but Malcolm has enough prudence to suspect Macbeth’s evil designs and such refuses to fall into the trap. In this respect of caution, Malcolm forms a contrast to his father, the unsuspecting and trustful Duncan. 

Later in the play, in leading the English forces against Macbeth, Malcolm shows himself to be an able commander. It is he who suggests that old Siward should take charge of one battalion while he and Macduff would do the rest. It is he, again, who orders his soldiers to cut down branches of trees in Birnam Wood and cover themselves with those branches as they advance towards Dunsinane; and at the right moment, he gives his soldiers the order to throw away the branches with which they were screening themselves and to appear in their true colours. For his proper leading he became successful to regain his kingdom. 


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