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Hellenism refers generally to Greek culture. The term ‘Hellenism’ is used for civilisation, language, art and literature which is essentially Greek in spirit. The word Hellenism is derived from the word Hellene which means Greek. The ancient Greeks called their country Hellas and themselves Hellenes. Graecia was given by the Romans to Hellas. Thus Hellenism may be defined as the love of Greek art, literature, culture and way of life. Keats did not know the Greek language, but Shelley once said: “Keats was a Greek"

Because he was unmistakably a representative of Greek thought. He got his knowledge of Greek literature and life through a study of the Elizabethans. It was the study of Chapman’s Homer at the age of sixteen that first excited his mind and stimulated his interest in Greek mythology and literature. The Greek influence came to him through his reading 

(i) translation of Greek classics and 

(ii) Lamptar’s Classical Dictionary, and 

(iii) through Greek sculpture. 


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