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The Seven Deadly Sins are the seven cardinal sins which resulted in spiritual death. Faustus cries out for Christ to save him, and at this moment, Lucifer himself appears. Lucifer reminds him that he is breaking his promise by thinking of Christ. He tells Faustus that he has brought some entertainment to divert him. The Seven Deadly Sins  pride, covetousness, wrath, envy, gluttony, sloth, and lechery appear before Faustus in the representation of their individual sin or nature. 


Pride is a desire to be more important or attractive to others. Pride was what sparked the fall of Lucifer from Heaven. In his arrogance, Pride denies having any parents. He compares himself to a flea because, like a flea, he can make his way into every nook and corner. He sometimes sits on the brow of a maid and touches her lips very gently. 


Covetousness or Greed is strong desire to gain, especially in money or power. Covetousness is the offspring of miserliness and loves gold very much. 


Wrath is the feelings of hatred and anger. Like Pride, Wrath denies having any parents. He claims that he has sprung out of the mouth of Lion and since his birth, he has been running all over the world with a pair of daggers with which he wounds himself when he does not find anyone else to attack in order to give an outlet to his fury. 


Envy is the jealousy or malice. Envy’s parents are a chimney sweeper and a fisher woman. As Envy cannot read books, it wishes all books to be burnt. Envy is lean and thin because it is a feeling which allows a man no rest and no peace of mind. It desires to find a famine spreading all over the world so that all starve to death except itself. 


Gluttony is the unreasonable consumption of more than what is necessary, especially food or water. Gluttony came of a royal parentage. His grandfather was a cooked thigh of a pig and his grandmother was a barrel of red wine. Gluttony is a voracious eater. He eats thirty full meals and ten snacks a day but is never satisfied. 


Sloth is idleness and wastefulness of time. He was born on a sunny bank and has been lying there ever since his birth. He is so lazy that he would not like to speak any more word even if he were offered a large amount of money. 


Lechery or Lust is the obsessive, unlawful, or unnatural sexual desire, such as desiring sex with a person outside marriage-or engaging in unnatural sexual appetites. Faustus addresses her as the Mistress Minx, that is, a woman of loose character. 


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